Face massage

The anti-aging facial massage, also known as the lymphatic drainage of the face, is a massage that prevents the aging processes. The facial massage smoothes wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, paranasal, and lip furrows, and wrinkles visible in the corners of the mouth. By working on the flexibility and elasticity of the facial skin during the anti-aging massage, lymph and blood circulation is also improved, restoring the skin’s glow and healthy appearance.


Details of the procedure

During the massage, which lasts about half an hour, you can feel a slight warming of the skin and a feeling of relaxation. The massage stimulates blood circulation, and the blood vessels dilate, which gives better oxygenation and nourishment of the skin. It also improves the absorption process of all active substances in the massage oil selected individually to the skin’s needs.

Duration 30 to 40 minutes
Comfort Conveniently carried out while lying down
Effect The effect after the first treatment; a series of 10 treatments is recommended
Anesthesia No
Sick leave After the procedure, you can go to work
Training at a gym After the massage, you can use the gym
Pool training After the massage, you can go to the swimming pool
Relax in a sauna After the massage, you can use the sauna

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno
  • stress, tension
  • fatigue
  • flabby skin
  • acne
  • new scars
  • recent aesthetic treatments