Consultation with an infertility treatment specialist


How does the first visit at the fertility clinic look like?

The first appointment is primarily a conversation. During the initial visit, the doctor will take a thorough look at history, perform an ultrasound scan, ask questions, and review any medical records you have collected. Then, together with the Patients, he or she makes a diagnostic and treatment plan.

All the elements of treatment suggested by the specialist are discussed and explained in detail. Both partners should attend the first appointment together.

The diagnosis of infertility does not necessarily mean childlessness. Modern assisted reproductive technologies can help up to 80% of infertile couples become pregnant.

How should I prepare for my first visit at the fertility clinic?

During the first appointment at the fertility treatment clinic, the doctor will take  a detailed and in-depth history of:

  • your health condition,
  • lifestyle,
  • profession,
  • eating habits.

The doctor will ask questions about:

  • your last 2-3 menstrual cycles (when was the last menstruation, how did it go, etc.)
  • when was your first period,
  • regularity of intercourse,
  • how long have you been trying for a baby.

You should bring medical records – not only gynecological – history of illnesses, treatments, operations, labs, scans.

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