About the Clinic

About the Medistica Clinic Gynecology + Fertility

Pioneering clinic in Cracow offers extended infertility treatment. We provide complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures tailored to individual case treatment.

Advanced infertility treatment clinic in Cracow – what makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our clinic is the most advanced fertility center in Lesser Poland. We work with hi-tech medical equipment supported by pioneering laboratories. We assist our patients holistically, all the way –  difficult but also extraordinary – up to the happy end:

  • from the diagnosis
  • providing psychological support
  • medical knowledge and experience in fertility treatments
  • assisted reproductive technologies,
  • obstetric care,
  • post-birth support for a mother,
  • supporting her both physically and psychologically.

Experience and up to date medical knowledge

Vision, mission, and the highest medical standards are an apple in the eye of Dr. Miroslaw Szlachcic. He has 25 years of experience in the medical business, and he established the first IVF clinic in the Małopolska region.