Recurrent treatment failures

A long history of infertility, several failed treatments, and recurrent pregnancy loss are experiences that make patients lose hope and motivation to continue treatment. However, modern reproductive medicine embryology have appropriate solutions and guide patients through the treatment until its successful completion.


The most common causes of fertility treatments failure:

  • Abnormal response to stimulation – after a detailed analysis of your previous treatment protocols, specialists modify your medication regime or offer additional testing.
  • Poor egg quality – additional testing, treatment, and supplementation will be offered to increase your egg quality. Additional genetic testing may be necessary. Pre-implantation diagnostics, specialist consultations, or treatment with donor eggs may be warranted in rare cases.
  • Low sperm quality – the laboratory capabilities of our Clinic allow for a detailed sperm analysis. They are recommended according to the patient’s situation assessed during andrological and embryological consultations. Once a diagnosis is made, it is possible to select the appropriate treatment or specialized procedures supporting in vitro fertilization.
  • Implantation disorders – implantation failure is multifactorial and requires a holistic approach and comprehensive diagnostic plan. Based on a thorough analysis of the treatment history, specialists may recommend comprehensive gynecological workup (for endometrial dysfunction) and possible gynecological procedures in the case of detected abnormalities, genetic testing (e.g., sperm DNA fragmentation testing), preimplantation diagnostics, and immunological consultations.
  • Recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy loss – careful analysis of infertility, gynecological and obstetric history may warrant a referral for further testing, starting from embryo genetic tests, through the PGT, endocrine, genetic and immunological tests, and psychological support.

Experience and a holistic approach

The Medistica Gynecology + Fertility Clinic specialists have extensive experience in helping couples with multiple treatment failures.

Awareness and extensive knowledge of the number of reasons for unsuccessful attempts allow us to choose the appropriate procedure that has the best chance of success in your case. Diagnostic procedures and the experience of specialists allow us to determine the cause of the failure. We look after you in medical, embryological, and emotional aspects.

We approach our patients holistically:

  • detailed analysis of the past medical history (complex diagnosis, medications, treatment history incl. previous stimulation protocols, etc.)
  • multidisciplinary approach by experienced specialists (gynecology, genetics, immunology, endocrinology, andrology, and many others)
  • we follow international recommendations and cooperate with other clinics from around the world.

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