In Vitro Activation (IVA)

It is the newest and experimental fertility treatment – In Vitro Activation (IVA), developed in cooperation with centers from Japan, the USA, and Spain. The precursor and mentor of this method in Poland is Dr. Mirosław Szlachcic. He closely collaborates with Professor A. Kawamura from Japan. It is an innovative method that requires special consent from patients. Ovarian revitalization in laboratory conditions is a procedure that gives premature ovarian failure (POF/POI) patients a chance to have their own offspring.


Who are the indications for IVA?

The treatment is dedicated to women diagnosed with Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI). The ovaries of such a patient still contain follicles with inactive eggs. The IVA procedure allows to stimulate follicles, activate their growth, and obtain mature oocytes, giving patients a chance to have their own offspring.

How does IVA look like?

IVA begins consultations and medical tests to evaluate the patient for procedures, incl. laparoscopy.

During the treatment, a patient undergoes a laparoscopic procedure when a fragment of an inactive ovary is removed.

The next stage is the stimulation of inactive ovarian follicles in a laboratory to activate the eggs properly.

Then another (second) laparoscopy is performed to implant previously activated pieces of the ovary. After a successful replantation of ovarian tissue to – and around an ovary, hormonal treatment is initiated. Controlled ovarian stimulation, retrieval of matured oocytes and are similar to the standard IVF procedure.

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