Psychological consultation

There is no clear division between the body and the psyche in the modern approach to medicine. These two spheres are integral and interact with each other. It is important to remember that prolonged attempts to conceive often lead to stress, tension, a decline in self-esteem, and even depression. Therefore, to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, our patients are cared for by a psychologist.


What is the role of a psychologist in a fertility clinic?

A psychologist helps people who find themselves in a difficult moment in their life. A psychologist advises on how to deal with stress and emotional overload.聽She helps couples communicate with each other and name the emotions that arise while trying to conceive. According to the studies, the best effects of fertility treatments (even up to 3 times more frequent pregnancy successes) are achieved with biological and psychological techniques.

When should a patient consult with a psychologist?

Any time is good. It is good to get help at an early stage of treatment. You may need to see a psychologist when:

  • you often feel sad and cry,
  • pregnancy and baby are the dominant thoughts (you feel obsessed with your fertility struggles),
  • you experience frequent, unmistakable changes in mood,
  • you can hardly bear information about someone鈥檚 pregnancies and babies born,
  • you isolate yourself more and more from the surroundings,
  • you feel guilty or blame your partner,
  • you feel a decrease in self-esteem due to infertility,
  • you experience difficulties in your relationship,
  • you feel lonely and like nobody understands you.

Psychological consultation before IVF

According to the international standards in reproductive medicine, initiation of IVF should be preceded by a consultation with a psychologist. Psychological support for patients is very important. The psychologist may suggest, for example, relaxation exercises that will help you to get rid of stress and tension, thus increasing the chance of successful treatment.

How to prepare for a psychological visit?

You do not need to prepare at all. A visit with a psychologist is a conversation during which you discuss your difficulties, and a psychologist helps you name them.


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