HIFU Sono Queen – ultrasonic waves

Hifu Sono Queen Cracow – a method of non-invasive face lifting.


What is HIFU technology?

A name is a shortcut form for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which means a focused beam of ultrasonic waves of high intensity. The technology itself has been known for over 20 years. In the beginning, it was used to remove tumors – including prostate cancer. It has been used in aesthetic medicine for more or less 4 years.

Duration From 60 to 240 minutes
Comfort The procedure is performed in a comfortable position
Effect After the first treatment
Anesthesia The procedure is performed without anesthesia
Sick leave After the procedure, you can go to work
Training at a gym After the procedure, do not use the gym
Pool training After the procedure, do not use the pool
Relax in a sauna After the examination, do not use the sauna

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno

How does HIFU SonoQueen work?

Like USG, HIFU uses ultrasound, which is a safe acoustic wave. The difference is that HIFU does not use ultrasound like radar. In this method, they are intended to move the tissue cells.

After transmitting the appropriate frequency wave, friction occurs between the cells of the tissues, which results in overheating – up to local burns.

It sounds serious, but the procedure using this technology is entirely painless. You will feel no pain, only local heat. Most patients rate the procedure as even comfortable.

What can you expect from HIFU SonoQueen?

Concentrated ultrasound energy used in HIFU technology reaches deep into the skin. The microdamage is not visible on its surface. The energy of the waves stimulates the reconstruction of the internal structures of the skin, gaining its tension and lifting the tissues, observable outside as a permanent lifting effect. Due to the variety of cartridges used in the treatment, it can be adapted to the needs of the treated area.

When will you notice the effects?

You will notice minor changes immediately after the treatment, thanks to the shortening of collagen fibers. The total effect of one treatment in the form of lifting the face oval and cheek tension appears later – about three months after its implementation.

To maintain the effects, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 4 months – no more than 3 times a year.

The HIFU SonoQueen treatment is the queen of lifting treatments.

  • wrinkles around the face, neck, and neckline, with particular emphasis on the area around the eyes and mouth
  • drooping cheeks
  • drooping eyelids
  • fatty tissue deposits, e.g., in the chin area
  • flabby skin
  • double chin
  • the need to lift the skin of the knees, thighs, buttocks, and arms
  • the need to improve the vitality and color of the skin and its elasticity
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • neoplastic diseases
  • implants
  • fillers, botulinum toxin (up to 3 weeks)
  • cardiac pacemaker
  • ongoing skin infections, active acne
  • diabetes
  • epilepsy
  • HIFU Sono Queen – ultrasound wave
    • Face 4900 zł
    • Forehead 900 zł
    • Eyes area 1500 zł
    • Cheeks 2500 zł
    • Jawline 900 zł
    • Face + jawline 5500 zł
    • Neck 2500 zł
    • Cleavage 2500 zł
    • Neck + jawline 2900 zł
    • Neck + cleavage 3900 zł
    • Face + neck + cleavage 7500 zł