IPL – Intense Pulse Light

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is not a typical laser. It emits energy similar to laser energy but with a greater range. A broad spectrum of light waves of various lengths reaches the skin layers at various depths. Additionally, appropriate filters allow obtaining the optimal spectrum of light needed to remove a specific change.

The treatments performed with the use of IPL devices not only improve the appearance and elasticity of the skin but also heal it.


For whom is the IPL treatment?

The undoubted advantage of treatments with IPL devices is that they are non-invasive and can be used at any age, even for preventive purposes. They are recommended for both women and men.

Duration 15 to 30 minutes
Comfort The procedure is comfortable and performed lying down
Effect After a few treatments
Anesthesia Not required
Sick leave Optional
Training at a gym You can use the gym
Pool training You can go to the swimming pool
Relax in a sauna Inadvisable

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno

The course of the IPL procedure

The IPL laser treatment consists of irradiating a specific area of the skin with short pulses of light. It does not require anesthesia, although a slight burning sensation may be felt in the exposed areas. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red, and the epidermis may be slightly peeled off. Nevertheless, these symptoms disappear quickly. In order to obtain satisfactory results, the treatment should be repeated several times (2-5) every 3-4 weeks.

  • closing blood vessels
  • treatment of erythema and acne (juvenile, rosacea)
  • elimination of pigmentary changes – freckles, sun and age discoloration
  • skin hypersensitivity to light
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol consumption (24h before the procedure)
  • fresh tan (1 month)
  • antibiotic therapy (must be completed 2-3 weeks before the procedure)
  • photosensitizing drugs and preparations
  • psoriasis, vitiligo, skin cancer – active diseases
  • epilepsy
  • unregulated diabetes
  • cardiac pacemaker
  • active skin infections
  • IPL – intense pulsed light
    • Face 820 – 1200 zł
    • Forehead 220 – 420 zł
    • Cheeks 270 – 520 zł
    • Mouth and chin area 220 – 420 zł
    • Eye area 620 zł
    • Neck 320 – 720 zł
    • Neckline 420 – 820 zł
    • Hands 320 – 620 zł
    • Face/neck 1020 – 1620 zł
    • Face/neck/neckline 1420 – 2320 zł
    • Neck/neckline 620 – 1420 zł