Storz Shockwave

Storz is a treatment based on shock wave technology, which stimulates tissues and improves cellular metabolism. The shock wave treatments allow for a spectacular reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue, “lifting” areas that have lost their firmness and elasticity, skin regeneration, and slowing down the skin鈥檚 aging process.
Do not wait long for the effects. You will see them immediately after the first treatment!

Cia艂o gotowe na lato – tniemy ceny zabieg贸w! Zobacz pakiety promocyjne! M

What does the Storz Shockwave treatment look like?

The treatment that uses acoustic waves is based on the natural repair mechanisms of our body. The chemical and biological processes occur in the body through a mechanical stimulus, a shock wave, allowing the skin to increase its elasticity and firmness. The blood circulation in the tissues is improved, and fat cells are reduced.

The treatment begins with an interview and an analysis of the treatment area. Then, a special gel is applied that allows for better wave conduction. The treatment consists of applying a specialized head to the area that we want to improve.

The treatment is perceptible but entirely comfortable for the patient. After its completion, you can return to your daily activities. The Storz shock wave is a year-round treatment that does not require any recovery.

Duration 30-90 minutes
Comfort Comfortable, carried out while lying down
Effect Already after the first treatment, the best after a series of treatments.
Anesthesia No
Sick leave No
Training at a gym There are no contraindications
Pool training There are no contraindications
Relax in a sauna There are no contraindications

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Pi臋kno

The effects of the Storz Shockwave treatment

  • reduction of cellulite and adipose tissue,
  • body contouring, “lifting” treatment areas,
  • improvement of skin density and elasticity,
  • nourishment, oxygenation of the skin,
  • slowing down the processes of skin aging, laxity, and dehydration,
  • reduction of swelling around the eyes,
  • improving the absorption of active substances.

The effects are visible after the first treatment. Performing a series of treatments allows for a clear and long-lasting improvement in the condition of the skin.


  • Excess body fat
  • Skin laxity, loss of elasticity
  • Signs of aging, the first wrinkles
  • Gray, dull complexion
  • Haemophilia
  • Tumors
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Thrombosis
  • Anticoagulants
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Endometriosis – during abdominal treatments
  • Varicose veins
  • Corticosteroids
  • Children in the growing phase
  • STORZ Shockwave
    STORZ Shockwave – 1 treatment
    • Face 300 z艂
    • Chosen face area (max two areas) 250 z艂
    • Arms 180 z艂
    • Abdomen 300 z艂
    • Sides 300 z艂
    • Abdomen + sides 450 z艂
    • Buttocks + back thighs 400 z艂
    • Buttocks 300 z艂
    • Thighs (front or back) 300 z艂
    • Thighs (inside or side area) 300 z艂
    • Whole thighs 500 z艂
    • Side thighs 200 z艂
    • Buttocks + whole thighs 700 z艂
    • Knees 200 z艂
    STORZ Shockwave – 6 treatments
    • Face 1600 z艂
    • Chosen face area (max two areas) 1200 z艂
    • Arms 850 z艂
    • Abdomen 1400 z艂
    • Sides 1400 z艂
    • Abdomen + sides 2100 z艂
    • Buttocks + back thighs 1900 z艂
    • Buttocks 1400 z艂
    • Thighs (front or back) 1400 z艂
    • Thighs (inside or side area) 1400 z艂
    • Whole thighs 2400 z艂
    • Side thighs 950 z艂
    • Buttocks + whole thighs 3350 z艂
    • Knees 950 z艂
    STORZ Shockwave – 12 treatments
    • Face 3100 z艂
    • Chosen face area (max two areas) 2100 z艂
    • Arms 1500 z艂
    • Abdomen 2500 z艂
    • Sides 2500 z艂
    • Abdomen + sides 3750 z艂
    • Buttocks + back thighs 3350 z艂
    • Buttocks 2500 z艂
    • Thighs (front or back) 2500 z艂
    • Thighs (inside or side area) 2500 z艂
    • Whole thighs 4200 z艂
    • Side thighs 1650 z艂
    • Buttocks + whole thighs 5850 z艂
    • Knees 1650 z艂