Erb:Yag laser

The Erb:Yag laser, like the CO2 laser, is used to remove small skin lesions. The difference between these lasers is the wavelength emitted. The erbium-yag laser uses a focused beam of light with an appropriate wavelength, which causes the ablation effect of the epidermis. Then, the natural processes of cell reconstruction are intensively stimulated. The production of elastin, collagen, and cell fibers is revived, thus improving the firmness and tension of the tissues. Aesthetic treatments with the Erb Yag laser are performed at the Medistica Medicine + Beauty clinic in Cracow.


For whom are Erb:Yag laser treatments?

The Erb:Yag laser is used to remove skin lesions and rebuild the epidermis. It is used to remove skin lesions in very delicate areas, such as the neck or the backs of the hands.

Duration from 15 to 30 minutes
Comfort Conveniently carried out while lying down
Effect Already after the first treatment
Anesthesia Optional
Sick leave After the procedure, you can go to work
Training at a gym After healing
Pool training After healing
Relax in a sauna After healing

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno

The course of the treatment with Erb:Yag laser

The Erb:Yag laser’s chromatophore is water, which the light of the device transmits its energy. As a result of its absorption, rapid evaporation occurs on the upper layers of the skin. This process is entirely safe, and the stage of healing and regeneration of the exfoliated epidermis is relatively quick. Depending on the type of device pulses set, different ablation effects can be obtained. Considering the skin’s individual needs, it is advisable to perform 3 to 4 treatments within 4-5 weeks.

The effects of the Erb:Yag laser treatment

Aesthetic dermatology with the Erb Yag laser brings many positive effects. As a result of evaporation of the top layer of the damaged epidermis and the exfoliation of its next layer after a few days, the skin condition is visibly improved. Discolorations disappear and fade, making the level of pigmentation more uniform. The openings of sebaceous glands are reduced, and they become shallow. Smaller wrinkles are no longer visible. Over time, a permanent improvement in the level of skin density and tension is also noted.

  • warts
  • fibromas
  • corns
  • xanthelasma
  • atheromas
  • pearly papules
  • pregnancy
  • active neoplastic disease
  • cardiac pacemaker
  • active viral and bacterial infections
  • photosensitizing drugs and preparations