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Medistica Medical Group

We are a dynamically developing, family based medical group that has been operating on the Małopolska market since 1995. The company was founded by Ewa Szlachcic and MD Mirosław Szlachcic, later the team was joined by DMSC Aleksandra Szlachcic, and finally the youngest generation – Dr Bartosz Szlachcic, currently acting as the President of the Management Board. For several years, the company was also supported by Dr Kinga Szlachcic, who eventually focused her activities with the Hospital of Stanisław Żeromski, as an anesthesiologist. For many years we have operated as the Osteomed Medical Center. Now we are continuing and expanding our rich activity under the brand: Medistica Medical Group.



DMSC Mirosław
Szlachcic specialist gynecologist-obstetrician, endocrinologist, andrologist, medical director, co-owner

I am a specialist in obstetrics-gynecology and endocrinology, a doctor with many years of professional experience. I graduated with honors from the Medical University of Cracow in 1982. I then continued my studies at the North Western University in the United States. In 1991, at the Medical University of Cracow, I obtained a Ph.D. in reproductive endocrinology. In 1995, I founded the Medistica Osteomed Clinic and then other clinics from the Medistica group.

MSc Ewa
Szlachcic administrative director, co-owner

I have 30 years of experience in the company and personnel management. Over the years, I have gained much experience in acquiring specialist doctors of various specialties. For over 25 years, I have been deepening my knowledge of administration, finance, and management of EU projects.



We open the first clinic

Multidisciplinary Medical Center Osteomed (now Medistica. Osteomed). We started with a space of 80 m2, and today our offices occupy an area of ​​240 m2.


We are expanding by another place in the same location.

This area is taken up by Dr Mirosław Szlachcic at the Gynecology and Endocrinology Cabinet and it marks the beginning of his “adventure” with infertility treatment.


Mirosław Szlachcic, MD, PhD starts operating in the first IVF clinic in Małopolska.


We acquire the middle premise, and combine all three into one large, higher standard premise of the Osteomed Medical Center

Thus, significantly increasing the number of offices, creating a treatment room with two post-treatment beds, providing patients with higher treatment comfort and employees with better working conditions. The increased number of offices allowed us to develop Dermatology and laser therapy under the supervision of DMSC Aleksandra Szlachcic.


Our son, Bartosz Szlachcic, joins the team

He becomes the initiator and originator of many new ventures in the company. He takes the position of the Investment Director and equips the clinic with the latest medical equipment, develops marketing, becomes another, but completely new and modern “driving force” of the Company. The newly opened clinics presented below are the initiative of Bartosz Szlachcic, which the Szlachcic Family endorsed unanimously.


We are opening a clinic of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology – Medistica. Medicine + Beauty

under the medical supervision of DMSC Aleksandra Szlachcic – a dermatologist and venereologist who has worked with us from the start – and with her medical experience, knowledge and extraordinary charisma, we effectively run the company.


We open Medistica. Clinical trials – a clinical trials center

We want to share the many years of experience of our specialists, the reputation of clinics, modern equipment and office equipment.


The function of the President of the Management Board is performed by Dr Bartosz Szlachcic


The OSTEOEMED Medical Center is rebranded to Medistica. Osteomed


We open two new clinics from the Medistica Medical Group at a new address: Dąbska 11

Gynecology + Fertility (infertility treatment, pregnancy management, puerperal care) and Medistica. Surgery + Aesthetics (surgical procedures)

Our values

Environmental Protection

Our mission

Medicine is

is our passion, our mission, and our whole life, which is why we have been helping Patients for many years.
We believe that the strength is in the family.

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