About us

Medistica Medicine + Beauty

A modern clinic offering aesthetic medicine, dermatology, and cosmetology in the center of Cracow, offers a wide range of care, rejuvenating, healing, and skin imperfections treatments. Thanks to the best equipment on the market, an experienced team of specialists – dermatologists, aesthetic medicine doctors, trichologists, and cosmetologists, we successfully help our Patients take care of their skin, eliminate imperfections (e.g., removal of skin lesions, scars, discolorations or acne, tattoo) or deal with wrinkles and scalp diseases.

Beauty has a new name. Medistica. Medicine + Beauty

We believe that improving your skin appearance is just a part of something more important. Build up your confidence and self-esteem, increase your well-being and quality of life. Our caring and reliable staff of doctors specializing in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, as well as our cosmetologists, perfectly understand the needs of your skin. With their help, you will enjoy your life, improve your relationships with others and find your energy to make your dreams and plans come true. The solution is at your fingertips!

These are precisely the purposes of aesthetic medicine. Every day during the consultation, our doctors:

  • listen to individual patient stories,
  • thoroughly investigate the problem,
  • offer minor invasive treatments using the best devices that will bring fast, safe and natural effects.

No one of us has time to waste it on ineffective and dubious methods.

See why you should pick us up from a crowd of others:


  • we listen carefully, dispel doubts and select the best and fastest solutions so that you do not need to wait long for the first results,
  • our doctors are not only qualified specialists but also warm and extremely helpful professionals who listen patiently and answer every question,
  • safety and comfort are the most important, which is why we take care of the highest standards,
  • you can count on our devices, medical and cosmetic preparations of the world’s leading brands, and we are constantly looking for even better solutions,
  • as soon as you enter the clinic, you will feel like visiting good friends,
  • we will provide you with full support at every stage of treatment, and we will not forget about you even after you leave the clinic,
  • we are lucky that our work is our passion. Therefore, we strive for perfection with energy, and we continue our education at numerous courses and conferences domestically and abroad.

Our doctors and qualified specialists will take care of improving your self-confidence. However, you have to conquer the world by yourself!