Vectus laser – laser hair removal

The VECTUS ™ diode laser is a device designed for laser hair removal. There is no more effective method to eliminate unwanted hair the laser hair removal, but only with one of the most modern devices on the market.


Who will benefit from Vectus laser treatment?

If you:

  • struggle with ingrown hair,
  • have inflammation after waxing,
  • are tired of wasting time on razors, epilators, wax,
  • want to get rid of hair once for all and not to bother with epilation during the holiday season

then decide on a series of treatments today and enjoy smooth skin. It is so simple!

The treatments, which are performed by using such a method, are effective, fast, and at the same time comfortable and safe for the patient. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is up to 95%, and possibly the regrowth of hair is thin and light, which makes it practically invisible.

Duration from 15 to 60 minutes
Comfort The procedure is performed in a comfortable position
Effect The best effect after approx. 6 treatments
Anesthesia Advanced Contact Cooling technology
Sick leave No
Training at a gym After the procedure, you can use the gym
Pool training 3 days after the procedure
Relax in a sauna 3 days after the procedure

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno

The course of the Vectus laser hair removal treatment

Hair removal with the VECTUS laser is so effective because the laser light penetrates deep into the skin. There, it is absorbed only by the hair shaft, specifically the active melanin contained in it. As a result, it damages hair follicle stem cells, making unwanted hairs stop growing or making them almost invisible. To obtain the desired effect, it is worth performing a series of treatments (approx. 6 treatments). This is due to the hair growth cycle.

  • removing unnecessary hair
  • inflammation after waxing
  • folliculitis
  • diabetes
  • cardiac pacemaker
  • albinism
  • neoplasm
  • psoriasis
  • photodermatosis
  • epilepsy
  • photosensitizing drugs
  • antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • retinoids
  • dermatitis in the treatment area
  • exposure to the sun shortly before the planned treatment
  • using a solarium or bronzing creams shortly before the scheduled treatment
See procedure
  • Laser Vectus – Depilation
    • Upper lip 100 zł
    • Chin 150 – 200 zł
    • Cheeks 150 – 200 zł
    • Neck 200 zł
    • Armpits 200 zł
    • Arms 250 – 300 zł
    • Thighs 350 – 450 zł
    • Calves 300 zł
    • Basic bikini 200 – 250 zł
    • Deep bikini 350 – 400 zł
    • Torso 350 – 450 zł
    • Back 300 – 500 zł
    • Abdomen 150 – 300 zł
    • White line 150 zł
    • Nipple area 100 – 200 zł
    • Other areas Negotiated price
    • A package of 4 treatments 10% discount
    • A package of 6 treatments 20% discount