Aesthetic medicine – consultation

Medistica offers consultations in the field of aesthetic medicine. Why? Because we want our patients not only to look good and feel great in their skin but above all, we wish that the changes for the better in their appearance have their source in better and better internal balance and health. Inner harmony and health. We do not offer temporary solutions, only a holistic approach.


Details of the visit

We will define the problems during the consultation with an aesthetic medicine doctor and present their possible solutions. Together, we will create a plan on how to step by step enter the path of well-being and health.

Duration Approx. 20 min
Effect A comprehensive treatment plan
Anesthesia Not applicable
Sick leave Not applicable
Training at a gym After your visit, you can use the gym
Pool training After your visit, you can go to the swimming pool
Relax in a sauna After the visit, you can use the sauna

Where can you make it

  • Medistica Medycyna + Piękno
  • desire to change
  • disturbing beauty defects
  • anti-aging prophylaxis
  • none
  • Aesthetic medicine consultation
    • Aesthetic medicine consultation – Patrycja Hartwich, M.D. 200 zł
    • Aesthetic medicine consultation – Mateusz Nawrocki, M.D. 200 zł
    • Aesthetic medicine consultation – Monika Łyżwa, M.D. 200 zł
    • Holistic consultation – writing up a plan of aesthetic medicine treatments 300 zł